Artistic Colour Gloss is a PURE gel polish, unlike Shellac which is a hybrid mix containing elements of both gel and nail polish.

Patented gel suspension technology in Artistic allows the pigment to remain perfectly suspended throughout the colour.

Still with me?!…in short the technology ensures that the depth of colour is always consistent, no more of the ‘light’ patches you can sometimes experience with regular nail polishes.

In addition to this special formula, proteins in the base coat ‘bond’ with the natural keratin in the nails resulting in a healthy nail on removal.

Aesthetically, it is a far glossier product and the shine lasts the duration of the manicure.Additionally, Artistic Gel uses an LED lamp to cure the nails dry. This is a more advanced system and takes half the drying time to Shellac which uses UV lamps.

Finally, Artistic has an amazing range of saucy-to-sophisticated, fashion-focused colours available to choose from almost three times the amount compared with its rival Shellac!

Gel File & Polish (Artistic) Colour Hands £27
Gel Polish French (Artistic) French Hands £30
Gel File & Polish (Artistic) Colour Feet £27
Gel File & Polish (Artistic) French Feet £30
Full Removal (only when we have applied the original gel) £5
Soak off (per nail) £2

Gel (per nail) £3

Delux Mani /Pedi incl. Colour polish

Cuticles are groomed and nails will be beautifully shaped before a gentle exfoliation and a nourishing mask application which moisturises and conditions, your hands/feet will then be enveloped in heated mittens followed by a relaxing hand & arm massage then finished with a prescriptive basecoat and colour of your choice.

Delux Mani incl. Colour polish  £31

Delux Pedi incl. Colour polish  £41

+ £2 for French Polish

Treatment Pedicure / Manicure incl. Colour polish

PEDICURE : The treatment begins by smoothing any rough skin on the feet and exfoliating the foot and lower leg with an invigorating scrub. Your feet are soaked in a relaxing foot bath with a detoxifying muscle soak and gentle vibrations ease stress.
After this your nails and cuticles are tidied and your feet and lower legs are expertly massaged using a luxurious massage cream which helps ease any tension you may be feeling.     Treatment  Pedicure incl. Colour polish  £36

MANICURE : Cuticles are groomed and nails will be beautifully shaped followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage with a hydrating nourishing massage cream then finished with a prescriptive basecoat and colour of your choice.

Treatment Manicure incl. Colour polish £26

Treatment Manicure incl. French polish £29

File & Polish Colour Hands/Toes

Nails are cut and filed to your satisfaction, then expertly painted with a protecting base coat, two coats of your chosen colour and a high shine top coat to leave your nails looking spectacular. £18

IBX Repair

The solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. IBX Repair penetrates into the nail plate and works to toughen from the inside out. It is the first treatment of its kind as it is applied like a polish, cured with LED or UV light, works inside the nail as opposed to sitting on top and requires no removal. £10              IBX  Maintenance £6

Callus Peel

Available as an add on to a pedicure The Callus Peel is 4 step system which includes a skin softening patch that is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin, then a special scraper is used to gently peel off the dead skin cells causing the callus, followed by the third step polishing the remaining skin. The treatment is then completed by applying a special moisturising cream. This treatment gives immediate results leaving your feet in tip top shape from the minute you walk out of the salon.

2 pads £20 (heels or balls of feet) 4 pads (heels & balls of feet)


Acrylic/ Gel Full Set (including polish & tips) £45

Gel polish Option £15

Acrylic/Gel Overlay (including polish) £35

Repair (per nail including tip) £5

Full Removal £20

(We only do acrylic removal when we have applied the acrylic)