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10 Makeup Trends You’ll Be Obsessed With in 2017

It’s officially time time to retire your matte lipstick.

 As we approach the new year, let’s take a moment to thank 2016 for an epic year in makeup: rainbow highlighters, “knife liner,” and, of course, more lip kits than you can shake a doe-footed wand at. We’re also happy to be packing away those memories as we ask celebrity and editorial makeup artists Daniel Martin, Nina Park, and Patrick Ta to name their top makeup trends for 2017 that are sure to make an appearance on celebrities, runways, Snaps, and Instas everywhere.

1 Lip Gloss

“Last year was all about the matte lip, but I want to bring gloss back,” Ta says. Park wholeheartedly agrees: “Liquid matte lips dominated the last few years, but lip gloss is a refreshing change giving dimension, shine, and youth.” And if Glossier’s holiday set, which included a shamelessly shiny gloss, is any sign, they are right on trend.

 2 Skin

In 2017, “we’re taking it back to the most important step: achieving healthy, radiant, conditioned skin,” Park says. “No more strobing, baking, or contour. Let your skin breathe.” Ta recommends pairing natural and bold: “Skin that’s fresh and glowy paired with bold eyes or bold lips.” What kind of bold lip this year, you ask? Click next….

 3 Dimensional Lips

 Seen at Mary Katrantzou, DKNY, and especially at Fendi, where pouts were covered in glitter, “bold statement lips are taken to the next level by creating new dimensions, from ombre effects to an overlay of glitter,” Martin says. For a super easy result that doesn’t look it, layer two different effects, such as a base layer of a satiny lipstick with a dab of high-glitter gloss right in the center of your lips.

4 Straight, Boyish Brows

When it comes to your brows, it’s out with the overdone. “Dramatic, squared-off Instagram arches look dated and severe,” Park says. “Naturally groomed, straight brows make you look younger and are on-trend for 2017.” Our advice: Give the tweezers, pencils, and powders a rest, and reach for a tinted gel to hold freshly brushed brows and lightly fill them as well.

 5 Black Liner, Interrupted

Taking a cue from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, and Chloé, Martin is keen on imperfect black liner for 2017. “Either degraded on the bottom lash line or lined only in the centers of the eyes, black liner takes on a new look being a bit unfinished,” he says. Whether grungy or architectural, your only mission is to leave the hyper-flawless look in 2016.

 Totally Monochromatic

If you’ve found your beauty arsenal chock-full of multi-use makeup, you’re in luck. “Pairing blush with the same lip tone and adding the same coloring in the eyes ties everything together,” Ta says. These days, nearly every color of the rainbow is up for play, no matter where you apply it to your face. But, according to Martin, your color of choice should be….

 Pretty in Pink

“Think of this color as the ‘new neutral,'” says Martin, who loved seeing the rosy shade at Dior, Pucci, and Isabel Marant. And the beauty of a neutral is you can pull it off on any part of your face. “Draped sheer and high on the cheeks, graphic yet soft on the eyelids, or as a healthy glow on the lips,” says Martin. “Pink adds a fresh take to a bare face.”

 8 Vinyl-Like Liner

If you finally nailed your liquid eyeliner skills last year, you’re in luck: Liquid liner is still in, Park says—just look for a formula with a gleaming finish. “Shiny liquid liner gives it an extra edge for 2017,” she says. “Wing it out for a subtle or dramatic lift. The vinyl-like shine gives new meaning to liquid liner.”

 Heavy Metal

We have gloss and vinyl finishes lined up for next year and, according to both Park and Ta, we’ll see even more glimmer still with metallic eye makeup. “I’ll be bringing a lot of metals and chrome shadows into looks,” Ta says. Explains Park: “Metallic lids give a similar pop effect as last year’s glossy lids trend, but with more functional wearability.” Clearly, 2017 is your year to shine.

10 Burgundy Mascara

If you thought red tones had no place near your eyes, think again. Ta says he’s developed a love affair with this deep shade, particularly to coat lashes. Tip: To keep it from making you look tired, opt for a dark formula that shows its true hue only when it catches the light.